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Animation to come

2010-02-19 13:57:16 by Babyface-Nic

Ok, I totally need to put up something so. Im working on a project to put up for 2010; The New Year. Hopefully when it arrives it will be liked by everyone. Wish Me Luck! :)

It's finally up!

2008-07-14 14:57:00 by Babyface-Nic

YES! I put up my InuYasha thingy. lol. I called it "Travel to the Feudal Era"... Check it out.

New swf post soon!

2008-07-02 15:56:03 by Babyface-Nic

I am in the process of making an InuYasha gallery thingy, with info, and pics all on the characters of InuYasha. I've been working on it for a month... and now it's almost finally ready. If i'm lucky, it should be up next week. So, if u r reading this before that week, come back next week and check out what i've done. It's so beautiful i could cry. lol. For real though check it out next week, and leave comments and tell me what u think.

(I worked extremely hard on this project so please take a little of your time to check it out). THANKS!